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A new way of seeing the world and facing the future

The rise of science has been one of the most important advances in human history. However, its development has generated, as an unintended consequence, an extreme fragmentation of knowledge. Nowadays, each person studies a very specific subject, which isolates us in a small field of knowledge and prevents us from perceiving the big picture of the world, reality as a whole.

Faced with these circumstances, the Clarity project seeks to build conceptual bridges between scientific disciplines (from astrophysics to anthropology or from biochemistry to artificial intelligence) so that they converge in a unified view of knowledge.

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We are proud to work with:


Daniel San Martin Sepulveda

Economist from the PUC in Chile, MBA from the University of Cambridge and MSc in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Bologna. He has been a consultant in various countries, and a university lecturer on issues related to innovation and organisational development. Currently, he is based in London and works in a technology startup.


Learn more about the Clarity Model, by reading a book that presents an interconnected, dynamic, and open view of the future.

"Clarity's ability to process human knowledge is tremendously exciting."

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Explore the Clarity Talks, where economics, natural & social sciences and humanities come together for amazing and inspiring explanations.

“Daniel told us about how his model facilitates the understanding of various phenomena, and how this is relevant for organisations and people.”


Sebastian Valenzuela

Partner at Matrix Consulting


Apply the principles of the Clarity Model to organisational transformation and development.

“Change is the norm; unless an organisation sees that its task is to lead change, that organisation will not survive.”

—Peter Drucker

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"All the knowledge, all the experiences, all the ideas...can be connected."

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