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An interdisciplinary approach to expanding your knowledge

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In an increasingly complex world marked by pandemics, wars, global warming and persistent inequality, we can find ourselves lost in the search for answers. Therefore, it is essential to sit down and talk; to build bridges of understanding between different disciplines, as well as between different people, countries and cultures.


Clarity Talks are inspired by this inclusive spirit. Through stories that are close to the audience, the authors address topics with an interdisciplinary and innovative approach.

Speaking Topics


A story of everything

Following the Clarity Model, Daniel tells us the history of the universe, from the Big Bang to the present day.

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Scientific thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship

This talk explains how the principles of the Clarity model can be applied to the transformation of organisations.


The advantage of economic discipline: power of synthesis

Daniel exposes the great virtue of this discipline, which is the ability to capture the essence of complex phenomena, through the construction of simple and clear models.

Sobre las nubes

Clarity: A Voyage of Discovery

This is the inspiring story of the ten years of Clarity's development, during which time Daniel read more than 500 books, papers and scientific articles, and completed two Master's degrees in Europe.


The challenge of the first book

Daniel reveals the learning that allowed him to go from being an emerging writer, who wrote in his spare time, to publishing with the largest Spanish-speaking publisher in the world.

We invite you to watch our participation in the BTG Talks 2021:

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